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Artuur Maertens

Artuur is a local Ghentian youngster with a passion for all sorts of movement, thus his reasoning for studying physical education and movement science.

With a background in years of competitive basketball it should come with no suprise that his parkour style can be described as clean and powerful. He hopes to keep pushing the sport forwards in the right direction and dreams to be a renowned parkour athlete.

Dries Vernaillen

Dries Vernaillen is a self-taught parkour athlete studying in Ghent. When training he likes to challenge himself mentally and physically to always become a better athlete. He finds it very inspiring to train with other people to discover new techniques, but he also enjoys a good solo session. When the sun is shining there is a big chance he is out training!
Outside of parkour he really likes to travel and explore the world. He also does a little bit of photography when he’s got some time to spare.

Elien Matthijs

-Train hard, preach love.

Florian Tanghe

Florian is a parkour practitioner and parkour coach. He studies sport science at the university of Ghent to develop himself as a practitioner and coach. His passion is to help develop the parkour community and individual athletes/coaches in Belgium. When doing parkour the most important thing is to have fun but that won’t stop him from taking everything about his training serious. The best training sessions are the ones with a lot of really good friends.

Gregor De Jaeger

Gregor was inspired to move from a young age due to the fact that there was simply too much energy in his body to sit still. In combination with his love for music, he started practising breakdance. This dance influence remains very visible in the way he trains parkour nowadays.
No big power challenges, but flowy and funky moves.
He got the taste for parkour by joining a friend at training once and immediately got hooked by the positive vibes and open community. Now he cannot see himself anymore without this community and its way of moving.
A healthy spirit in a healthy body is what he believes in.

Niels Van Santen

Niels Van Santen (30) is a dance and parkour practitioner. He has a profound interest in movement research and how we can understand, apply and teach the emergent movement qualities that result from the body as a complex system. He has a varied personal practice and has teaching experience with technical skill development and physical preparation. He completed a B.Sc in physics and an MA in Dance & Creative Enterprise at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Radu Fetila

Radu is another creative spirit in Flow De Gand's trainers department: He studies interior design (master in interior architecture coming up), loves to draw, has a (weird) interesting taste in humour and has a diverse sports background (bmx, taekwando, climbing, swimming). He claims he has an eye for detail (on paper as well as in the urban jungle) and when he's out training will focus on techy awkard stuff that nobody else would come up with.

Seppe Van De Walle

Thomas D'hondt

Vreni Passchier

Wannes Colman

Wienand De Ruyver

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