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Marthe Van Elewijck


Marthe Van Elewijck has been practicing parkour for about a year and a half. Once she discovered the art of jumping on and off things, the world was never the same. She loves to focus on having fun in everything she does, whilst also challenging herself in new ways every time. At the moment she loves to focus on strong upper body movements like cats and dyno’s. Flips and rolls are not her strong point but this means they can only get better. Her goal is to become as good as she can in parkour and most things she does. Except for parkour she also practices other sports like traditional archery, bouldering, going to the gym, skating and she is starting krav maga and poledance as well. Believe it or not, there is even time left to do something else than sports. For example travelling and exploring, practicing photography, reading, creating some art, being fashionable and learning things by heart. At 22 years old she has a masters in archaeology and keeps studying some more stuff (to become Indiana Jones).

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